Career Opportunities After Graduation. Graduation from the PLT Institute brings new opportunities for leadership.

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Electrical & Electronic

  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering

    Electrical &Electronic Engineering course emphasis on basic training , so student can engage in...

Computer Engineering

  • Computer Engineering

    Nowadays,computer already becomes the core of every life. Computer is use in the most of our...

LCCI Accounting

  • LCCI Accounting

    Our LCCI course is to teach student about the concepts and practical use of LCCI, so as to allow...

Welcome to PLT Institute

PLT Institute is a technical and vocational training centre, registered under the Education Act 1961. Having been established for 16 years, there are now three branches in Johor, located in BatuPahat, Kluang  and Muar.

PLT Institute uses Mandarin as the main medium of instruction, emphasizing both theory and vocational practice. The institute was established to provide vocational training and higher education, train professionals in the industrial technology by holding on to the principle of "mastering the technology and advancing with time". The institute’s strict discipline, emphasis on both knowledge and skills trains up learned and expert talents with high moral and goal oriented, to serve the community and contribute to the nation.

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